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Hairound Flip-In Hair Extensions, 100 gr, 18”, color 600

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Instantly enhance the length and volume of your hair with our coordinate collection of professional Flip-In extensions. Hairound Flip-In extensions can be used without the need of bonding, gluing or weaving and feel and look natural as your own hair. Hairound Flip-In extensions are 100% Remy natural hair extensions. Available in the widest range of colors, length, and weight, they blend naturally with your own hair and can be easily styled with thermal tools.

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  • Before and after use remember to brush your Hairound Hair Extensions kindly with a soft bristle brush; make sure all knots and tangles are gone.
  • Never comb through your Hairound Hair Extensions while they are wet and only use styling tools when they are dry.


  • Always remove Hairound  Hair Extensions from your hair before washing.
  • Before washing the hair, spray a mixture of high-quality conditioner and water and brush the hair from bottom to the top.
  • Wet the hair with lukewarm water, apply a little bit of sulfate-free shampoo and high quality of conditioner or hair mask (don’t use shampoo designed for volume or for dyed hair).
  • Keep top weft and clips out of water (this avoids swelling of the top weft and the clips going rusty).
  • Rinse thoroughly with cold water. Be sure to wash and brush the hair in one direction from top to bottom gently. Do not rub the hair.
  • Use a clean towel to dry off the extensions. It’s better to let the hair dry naturally and avoid the using of hair dryer.
  • Try not to wash the hair extensions too often, as the hard water can dry the hair.


  • You can use your hairdryer, strengtheners and curling tongs on your hair extensions to achieve a variety of styles, but remember, as, with all human hair, the less heat used the better.
  • In order to keep your extensions in their original silky condition for as long as possible, it’s advisable to use a good quality heat protection treatment before applying heat to your hair extensions.
  • A good leave-in hair treatment can keep the hair from drying and maintain is soft and healthy. Don’t use products which contain alcohol. These can dry out the extensions and make them brittle and weak.
  • Braid the hair and wear a cap when going to swim or to the spa.


  • Most importantly, treat your Hairound Hair Extensions with care by storing them in a dry and flat place.
  • DO NOT store your hair extensions in plastic packaging! Store in cotton or breathable material.

Bleaching and dying the hair:

  • Don’t bleach or lighten the hair extensions. It is also advisable not to tint, color, perm or apply any extra chemicals because the hair is already been chemically treated (by bleaching and coloring).
  • Please be extra careful with the blonde and other light colored hair. They are more chemically processed than dark hair.

Styling tips:

  • For straight hairstyle – We recommend that you straighten the hair, using a hair straighter to ensure that the hair lies flat and that the extension matches your straight hair.
  • For curly or wavy hairstyle – if you are styling your hair with a curly or wavy style, then we recommend to style your own hair first and then match the hair extensions style with curler to create the correct curl type before clipping in the extensions.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 27.94 × 12.7 × 2.54 cm


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