Types of Hair Extensions

For many women around the world, one of the most important aspects used to express their personality is their hair. More than clothes, shoes, and accessories combined, a woman’s hair style can reflect more of her personality and inner beauty. While this is a blessing, for many women, this is also a never-ending struggle. or you’re the type of woman that wants to try different styles throughout the week, or just got back from the salon with less than perfect results. Either way, this doesn’t have to be a struggle in this day in age, and the reason for this is hair extensions. Using hair extensions, any woman can change her hair style with a fraction of the time and effort of more traditional routes. But what kind of extension is the best? Well, that’s a complicated question with a complicated answer, yet, you’ll find the short answer in a few short sections below.

Clip-In Extensions

as the name implies, clip-in hair extensions are simply clipped on at the roots to create long, beautiful hair quick and easy. The major benefit of choosing clip-in extensions is the variety of looks that one set of clip-in extensions achived. They can styled and layered according to personal preference to create a completely custom look. The downside of choosing this type of extension is that, because of the greater diversity they provide, usually take a little longer to achieve the perfect look than their counterpart, the flip-in extension.

Flip-In Extensions

Again, as the name implies, flip-in extensions flipped into the hair using a single wire, which is then covered by the natural hair. The greatest ease of flip-in extensions is the short amount of time they take to style, usually only a couple of minutes. However, they are generally only effective at producing a single style, unlike the clip-in extensions.

Natural Extensions

Natural hair extensions are those which are made of real human hair. There are many benefits of choosing natural hair extensions. First, they have a much longer longevity, lasting up to four times as long as synthetic extensions. They will also hold up much better to heat, if hot rollers or curling irons are regularly used. In addition, being made of actual hair, these tend to look more natural than their synthetic counterparts.

Synthetic Extensions

Synthetic hair extensions made up of artificial hair instead of real human hair. There are several advantages to using these over their natural counterparts. First, synthetic extensions are generally cheaper, though they don’t tend to last as long. Synthetic extensions are also pre-styled, unlike natural extensions which will need to styled just as your natural hair would be. This also means they will retain their style in humid or rainy environments, unlike natural hair would.