Top 4 Tips for Care of Your New Hair Extensions

If you just got hair extensions then you will want them to last as long as possible. The following are the Top 4 tips for doing this effectively.

1-Limit the duration of time you wear your extensions

Typically, it is best to wear a hair extension for a period of up to six months. You will want to take care of both your natural hair and the extensions together using the same care. When taken care of properly, your extensions will still look as natural after six months as they did when you first had them put in. Also keep in mind that you can damage your own hair if you don’t take care of your extensions.

2-Use the right type of hair products

As part of your investment in getting longer, fuller hair, you will also have to invest in the right hair products which may be a bit pricier, but there are places you can buy them at a discount. First you will want to switch to a shampoo that is sulfate and paraben free. Also, you will want to brush with care and use a sulfate free detangler to help get out knots without damaging your hair and extensions. When washing your hair or going swimming you will want to avoid chlorinated water. If you can’t then there is special shampoo that works on removing chlorine from hair.

3-Take precautions when going to sleep

First of all, make sure that you avoid going to sleep with wet hair extensions. Wet hair while sleeping can cause rubbing which can damage your hair. Wearing a braid in your hair is a great way to keep your hair in order while sleeping and can be removed quickly in the morning.

4. How to style your hair safely

Finally, you will want to take care when styling your hair when you have extensions. They are very sensitive to heat, so a little goes a long way when blow drying or curling your hair. Use your blow dryer at low heat as well as your curling or flat iron. Use protective hair care products as well. Give your hair a break between using your irons as well. Using them every day can wear down your hair extensions.

These are just the top 4 tips for hair extension care. If you have just gotten extensions then you need to continue looking at tips for care of them so you get the best bang for your buck. Hair extensions are an investment so keep in mind you should make a commitment to making them last.