Hair Popping Accessories and Keeping It Extended

There are many reasons why women choose to wear hair extensions: to add volume to thin hair, bad haircut, style, color, etc. What is involved when one gets hair extensions? Plenty. Not only is it sometimes a long process, but there are many hair extension tools, supplies, and accessories needed for your perfect hair extension installation.


Supplies are definitely necessary when working with hair extensions. All kinds of tape exist i.e;

  • Double sided tape
  • Single sided tape
  • Super tape.

Varieties of hair extension to choose from:

There are even more varieties of the hair you can choose. The type of extension is as important as the color and length you choose. There are:

  • Tape-In Hair Extensions
  • Fusion and Pre-BondedHair Extensions
  • Sew-In Hair Extensions/Weaves
  • Micro-Link Hair Extensions
  • Wigs and Hair Pieces
  • Clip-in Hair Extensions.

Tools required for hair extensions application?

Many tools are needed for hair extension application and care. These include:

  • Pliers
  • Pulling loops
  • Shears, and more.

Accessories used with hair extensions:

From ponytail holders to barrettes, there are also many hair accessories that can all be used with extensions i.e.; bows, hair clips, hair sticks and Bandos.

Get a new look:

Some women want to add steaks of color to their hair without having to dye their own, others may want to change textures. Regardless of how or why you choose hair extensions, you can be sure that you will have a new look to enjoy.

There are many special supplies, tools and accessories for extensions. How do I choose what’s right for me? Only you can decide, but here is a list of tips to ensure your new hair pops.

  1. Know what type of extensions you are getting and the process it involves. What supplies and tools are involved, how to care for the extensions when they are in and how to repair/replace them.
  2. Get a consultation first. Start off with tape or a clip-in before jumping right into Sew-In or fusion extensions.
  3. For accessories, find something with style that shouts YOU. Match with outfits or stand out with a pop of color. First, plan on how you want your hair styled and then find something that fits your fancy. Most accessories for real hair can be used on extensions as well.


In conclusion, hair extensions have specific tools and supplies necessary to install them. At Hairound, we cater to those specific needs. We also offer a variety of accessories you can use to make that new look pop.