Beginners’ Guide for Choosing Fabulous Hair Extensions

If you are new to the concept of hair extensions then the whole process, which seems simple enough at first thought, can actually be a fairly overwhelming endeavor. So, the following guide will familiarize you with the basics that a beginner strictly needs to know.
As a first act of research, you should familiarize yourself with the terms typically affiliated with the concept which will described below.

Key Terms to Know when Looking into Hair Extensions

Virgin hair:

Virgin Hair is a term used for hair that has not been dyed and no chemicals have been added in any way. This type of extension is also cut in a particular way so that it follows the natural direction of the cuticle. This option is fantastic, but many can be dissuaded by the high price tag.


The next best option to Virgin Hair is Remy, also known as Remi in some circles. Basically, this refers to hair that has been treated by chemicals, typically hair dye. Without the high standards of Virgin Hair, Remy can offer the same results, but at a major price cut. Also cut with the cuticle following the same direction.


You should also be aware of the term “weft.” This is when the hair is sewn together using fine threads. This process is typically done via machine, but there are hand weft hair extensions that are a bit pricier due to the hand labor involved. There is also a process known as pre-bonding in which the hair is glued together as opposed to being sewn in.

Care of Your New Hair Extensions

Typically, it is best to wear a hair extension for a period of up to three months. You will want to take care of both your natural hair and the extensions together using the same care. When taken care of properly, your extensions will still look as natural after 3 months as they did when you first had them put in. Also keep in mind that you can damage your own hair if you don’t take care of your extensions.

Hair extensions come from women from all over the world and as such they are offered in a wide variety of the three standard shades: Blonde, Brunette, and Black. If you want longer hair now, you have more options than ever before. Waiting to grow your hair out is fine if you are patient, but you can have the realistic result now.